Market Staging, Inc. provides browser-based tools 24/7 that extrapolates public rating agencies data for you, thus providing you with the
information you need to make decisions and compete successfully in today’s business environment.  Today's business savvy healthcare
executives can have a comprehensive suite of quality outcomes to extract and capture MS DRG latent revenue, untapped service line
revenue, competitive positioning, physician relation metrics, and website visibility for every service line.
We know running a hospital is no simple
task. It is a complex environment that
presents daily challenges. You need
a business intelligence partner who
understands how US News & World
Report®, HealthGrades®, Thomson
Reuters Solucient®, Leap Frog®, CMS®,
Joint Commission®, Ingenix®
and HSS®
evaluate hospital quality and
 The mere variety of these public rating
agencies makes data gathering and critical
analysis extremely complicated.  
Unfortunately, many hospitals today
believe they have limited control of their
public scores and profiles.

Not true for Market Staging, Inc. clients.  
Our clients have a more thorough
understanding of how top public ratings
data impacts their hospital's revenue and
strategic planning.  Simply stated, Market
Staging puts you in a position of greater
control over your public rating scores and
profiles today and in the future.
HealthCare Business Intelligence
"When You Need It"
Use public rating agencies to:
HealthCare Quality Always Wins
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