Core Measures Research™ will automatically determine total match questions, percentage of overall match questions
and frequency of match questions by core measure type without increasing abstraction Labor costs.

As an added value to
Core Measures Research™, you’ll receive targeted subsets of our comprehensive and service-line-
based MSI's Latent Revenue Capture™ (MS DRGs).  The Core Measure Group results are dynamically linked to Latent
Revenue Capture™ (MS DRG) opportunities to reduce time spent cross referencing findings and analyzing comparative
trends.  Moreover, the same process can be used to gather both CMS and Joint Commission Core Measure and Core
Measure Risk Factor quality indicators.
Core Measures Research
Reduce Abstracting Labor Costs for Core Measures Reporting
Do you know?

  • How much  poor quality is costing your facility?

  • How to increase accuracy, consistency  dramatically reducing
    Abstracting “Chart Pulls”?
Core Measures Research™ diminishes many manual-based Chart collecting methods providing faster, easier, more efficient and less
costly methods to collect and report data.  

With the
Core Measures Research™ graphical presentation, it is easy to analyze total matches, percentage of overall matches and
frequency of matches by Core Measures type because direct links are provided to source documents.  Direct Links to source
documentation eliminates the labor associated with “Chart Pulls”.
The tracking and reporting of Core Measure Group & Core Measure Risk Factors is a substantial amount of work which
occupies multiple clinical staff members.  As the number of Core Measures expand (and they are expected to expand
significantly), the workload and Clinical labor costs will inflate rapidly going forward.  
Core Measures Research™
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