Latent Revenue Capture (MS-DRG) presents hospitals with potential MS-DRG revenue opportunities by service line
when transitioning from DRGs to Medicare-Severity DRGs (MS-DRGs).  Latent Revenue Capture™ exposes discovery and
recovery of latent revenue opportunities associated with service line areas. Our Latent Revenue Capture™ is delivered in
a graphical format which is easy to understand and clearly highlights potential Latent Revenue opportunities with
estimated revenue capture opportunities.
MSI Latent Revenue Capture
How does your facility?

  • Analyze current MS-DRG performance?

  • Benchmark against your historical DRG performance?

  • Benchmark against industry MS-DRG performance?

  • Trend MS-DRG data by service line(s) and by individual MS-DRG?

  • Analyze MS-DRG data in conjunction with quality outcomes data?

  • Provide ongoing MS-DRG data analysis?
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Is your revenue left on the table?
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