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Where to find new business (untapped cases) by Service Line?

Your Hospital's public rating across the top 10 rating agencies?

How Hospital might rate in the future across the top rating agencies?

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Your untapped revenue comparisons by Service Line?
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Top Hospital Rank™
Public Rating and Web Visibility

MSI Helix™ presents CMS (historic) & All-Payer (current) data into graphical clusters
that uniformly depicts your Quality Ranking across the top 10 hospital rating agencies.
As an added value,  we include MSI Web Visibility™ with Top Hospital Rank™ at no
additional charge.
Top Hospital Rank™
Unified access to disparate top ratings information
Top Hospital Rank™ is a 24/7 browser-based service tool that is tuned to the top Public rating agencies (US News &
World Report®, HealthGrades®, Thomson Reuters Solucient®, Leap Frog®, CMS®, Joint Commission®, Ingenix®
HSS® and so on)  and, to enhance physician relations, you can now compare your physicians  documentation &
outcomes to top ratings agency’s hospitals.  Using our top hospital Pubic ratings methodology as neutral benchmark
builds loyalty and helps the physician look better in the Public.  Just as important, we’ll show you can instantly expose
untapped service line revenue in your hospital market.  
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