Do you know?

  •  When new patients are searching for a specific treatment or service using one of the top 4 search engines, is
your website or your competitor's website presented to a potential new patient?

  •  Is it easier to find your Services Line(s) or your competitor's on the Web?

  •  Is it easier to find your Service within a Service Line or your competitor’s on the Web?

  •  Do you have a benchmark against your Web Visibility historical performance?

  •  Can you trend your or your competitor's Web Visibility performance over time?
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MSI Web Visibility is powered by MSI Helix™ technology that analyzes over 35 million search engine records every
month from the Top-Ranked Search Engines.

MSI then links real-time Web visibility data from Google™, Yahoo™ & MSN™ to determine if consumers have visibility
to your Website or your competitor's and makes specific recommendations to your Website developer how to
leverage your web visibility and collaborate with your physician’s Websites.
What do HealthCare consumers
search foron the Web?
MSI Web Visibility™
Make your hospital's website a "service line" front door for new patients, physicians and physician groups.
Web Visibility is only $975.00 per month per facility (plus a one-time set-up fee)
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