About Market Staging, Inc (MSI)

Since 1999, Agenus Inc. (parent Corporation of Market Staging, Inc.) has offered information services, applications
and products for the HealthCare market.  Our range of services optimizes strategic planning, improves business
decisions and accelerates revenue growth.

Market Staging, Inc. (MSI) is an software technology development company to HealthCare facilities.
MSI Scoring Helix™ Technology

Provides an objective methodology to compare and identify trends in public scoring
systems that impacts profitability.  We have applied cutting edge science,
technology and innovative strategy to create a proficient method for comparing
hospital rating systems.

The MSI Scoring Helix™ is available immediately to provide HealthCare facilities
with objective intelligence so to help gain a competitive advantage by identifying
demand and, therefore, capital justification for the most profitable HealthCare
services in their geographic markets.

Immeasurable energy has focused on optimizing care outcomes while controlling costs.  Recently a key stakeholder in
the process, the consumer patient, has begun to gain influence.  This change is a reaction by businesses and payers
toward shared decision making with the consumer patient.  The goal to control rising health care costs by providing
information to consumers to make sophisticated HealthCare decisions.  In other words, we are moving from a
Physician-based to a Consumer-based market place.

For many years the engineers Agenus, Inc. have been working on a revolutionary Business Intelligence technology
MSI Scoring Helix™.  The Market launch of MSI Scoring Helix™ in 2007 coincided with the formation of Market
Staging, Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary corporation of Agenus, Inc.  In 2007, several MSI Helix™ products and
services were launched and many more are planned for the future.
As this change impacts the entire health care industry, hospitals will expect to see
more strategic information about the choices consumer patients make. In particular,
public ratings for hospitals are expected to take on growing significance in the
marketplace. We see the challenge now as acute demand to compare prominent
hospital scoring systems.

Moreover, this change will be occurring at an exponential rate because our population
is aging rapidly and at the same time, our life expectancy is extending.  Senior citizens
will place a significant strain on the Health Care system in coming years.  America’s
million Baby Boomers begin turning 65 in 2011.  
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The number of seniors covered by Medicare will continue to grow at an exceedingly high rate, from 42.5 million people
in 2006 to 70.2 million in 2025