It Gathers 3 domains of data CMS 2003-2009 historic trends, UB-04/AllPayer current trends and/or Transcribed medical
reports for real-time trends.  

It Structures CMS, AllPayer (UB04) and/or Transcription data into multidimensional data called cubes which allow you to
analyze and mine the data.  The multidimensional “cube” data by far exceeds the capabilities of the traditional one-
dimensional relations of analyzing outcomes.  And cubes provide dynamic data prospective that is not available
traditional SQL relations or pivot tables of data. Even though “Cubes” have been around for a while, there just were
any affordable and consumable tools that would allow someone to formulate reports, create views, and publish views in
an efficient manner.

It interacts real-time with the user to discover, explore, understand and monitor your competitive markets.   With a few
simple mouse clicks, you can automatically verify a competitive market hypothesis, contrast competitive market
parameters, and show risk-adjusted outcomes for physician relation meetings.  In other words, “what if” internal &
external scenarios for top-down market anticipation and bottom-up regression modeling of market behavior are
available instantly.  Waiting for IT support, decision support processes, external consultants, continuing market or
physician relation meetings and decisions are a thing of the past.  You now can have real-time data analysis to
substantiate decisions or change.  Physician performance models are all automatically calculated with a click of a

It Displays Using data visualization application that allows for easy creation and viewing of reports, as well as the ability
to publish those reports out to people who can act upon the outcomes. MSI Scoring Helix™ provides the ability to view
multidimensional data in a way that most executives have only dreamed of visualizing. Ultimately, a tool like this is
really the only way Hospitals are going to be able to produce the reports and data required of them to maintain a
positive public ratings profile.  
MSI Helix Services
MSI Scoring Helix™
MSI Helix™
What does MSI Scoring Helix™ do?

MSI Scoring Helix™
performs 4 labor and time saving functions: It gathers, it structures, it interacts, and it displays
key indications regarding public quality ratings data.
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